Open Call Industries (PTY) Ltd was founded with the sole purpose of identifying young talent in South Africa and offering the youth unique opportunities to grow and showcase their talent. Kids Talent Festival, a division of Open Call Industries, focuses primarily on kid’s development and entertainment.

The second division of Open Call Industries is Wêlakapêla Kids Festival. The purpose of this festival is to create a unique experience, the likes of which have never before been seen in South Africa. This festival will concentrate mainly on children and children’s productions, a first of its kind focusing on the development of the arts for children of all ages and ethnic groups.

The festival is very proud to produce a line-up on the main stage that allows the audiences to see all their favourite characters on one stage, while stalls will sell interesting children’s items. The grand winner of Kids Talent Festival will also be given the opportunity to perform at the Wêlakapêla Kids Festival in 2020.

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